Takanobu Kobayashi 15 Aug 2019 - 03 Nov 2019
100 Tonson Gallery is pleased to present “Balance” an exhibition by Takanobu Kobayashi. This exhibition is the result of his residency program at 100 Tonson gallery. During the period of residency, Kobayashi had open his studio to welcome visitors to observe the artist’s process as well as exchange idea surrounding his works. In this latest series, Kobayashi explored the notion of balance in the two-dimensional plane through paintings.

Kobayashi uses the word “Balance” as a snare, to suggest a kind of disruption of reality he felt circulating around him. Within the quiet multitudes of forest, the artists deliberately placed toy blocks on horizontal grass plane, each block was assembled to create a kind of visual equilibrium which can be perceived and satisfied by the eye, however If one looks closely they will notice that these blocks are stacked in a way that it was impossible to hold against gravity, thus the artist pointed at the obvious fictional realm inside the canvas while maintaining the realistic attributes of the object. 

Takanobu Kobayashi (b.1960, Tokyo,Japan) is regarded as one of the most influential contemporary Japanese painters. His work has been included in many major surveys and exhibition throughout the world. He is known for his serene and luminous landscape. His sunlight flooded canvas invokes spiritual experience as well as reflecting mental commentary of his surroundings. 

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